Thursday, February 3, 2011

"Your Breath is Bad" WHY???

People don't realize that throwing your tooth brush away as often as every 2 weeks is very important. Specially every time you get sick. Your tooth brush carries germs on it that you cant see and no amount of hot water will rinse off. Every time you use your tooth brush after you have been sick you are just giving your self the illness back again. There are such a large amount of styles and brushes to choose from you need to choose the one that is best for you, and stock up at all times I have 12 extra tooth brushes in my home for possible guests and for new brushes for our family. Clean brushes help fight bad breath much better and flossing a lot of people don't realize that food cakes up on your tongue, under your gums and also on your brush so just like a filter in your air system to keep your lungs fresh from germs and garbage in the air you must also keep your tooth brush and breath fresh.

Selections: 1. Oral B

2. Cologate

3. Crest

4. G-U-M


Just to name a few there are many more.

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