Sunday, April 24, 2011

Baked and Yummy

So couple of weeks ago saw a blog about Zuccini and how she baked hers and her son fried his Zuccini yet when each was finished hers was one that everyone ate. She had posted recipe but I didnt save it and couldnt remeber who's post it was. I mean come on its been at least 3weeks and I have slept since then. Seeing as I started to crave eating healthy and baked sounds so much better then grease dripping and making my stomach ill. So I thought one better why not bake Egg Plant also, I have only eaten Egg Plant once in my life and have no clue what it tasted like it was so long ago. Cooked the Zuccini and Eggplant dipped in egg and rolled with seasoned bread crums baked at 425 for 20 minutes Mmmm so crisp and yummy its a must try. Here is to Healthy Eating

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Disney On Ice "Toy Story 3"

Aliens always make me smile specially if they are filled with slushy sweet ice :)
I took the children to the American Airline Center to see Disney on Ice "Toy Story 3" it was very nice the children loved it and our seats were so close to the floor we could see every one life size. The kids and I have not been to Ice show since they were little so it was a great family night out with family, and fun!
The show was wonderful it told the entire story from toy story 1-3 beginning to end and we also enjoyed Mickey and Minnie mouse with Daffy Duck and Goofy the night was filled with Slinky dog, Barbie, and Ken also Woody, Buzz light year and all the aliens even the claw showed up for the show.

"Main St in Motion"

Main St In Motion was a very nice event in Grand Praire it was held at Lone Star Park the people were very inviting as you entered the gate and the new 2011 vehicles were amazing. There were snacks and booths with every car from every dealer there Chevy, GMC, Lexus, Buick and more the day was a perfect day to enjoy the drives we were able to go from booth to booth and look at each new vehicle inside and out and then go down to course and drive the new vehicles of our choice. I drove the new Denali Yukon such a smooth ride and the options in the vehicle are endless a perfect family vehicle for all large families.
The trucks were very nice as well heavy duty and a lot of the new vehicles also come in Hybrid options the Denali Yukon did and also the Chevy Pickup truck very nice rides and sturdy built with high quality a must see a must buy.
And to end my day I drove the all new 2011 Corvette so sweet a person who enjoys the fast lane for sures dream car.