Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Change starts with YOU!!!!

OK so I'm not perfect, but I want to be. I want to reach that perfect physique the one the "Gods and Goddesses" were per trade as! I love to work out and like everyone slid and gained weight. I have been as large as 189lbs and as small as 102lbs I have dealt with these body of ups and downs since I was a child. I currently weigh 155 *UGH* makes me sick saying it, but its true and I did it to myself with lack of motivation, and depression to lean on...but today no more I stand up for myself and my fitness friends and say I will achieve, I will concur, I will make do on what I say, and I say I will take this body and make it Gods perfect temple as should be ....I will post more pictures and updates as I feel brave enough to do so, change starts today and with you and you only no one can change you but YOU!

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  1. Hey keep up the work! I have been all over in weight as well. Up to 189 and as low as 143. I am about perfect at 155-160 well I am 163 now and after getting hurt a few times i am back in the gym. Or as I call it the Chamber, its my garage/shop. You cant get to your goal!