Tuesday, February 8, 2011

" Trinity Trash Bash"

In September 2010 I did the "Trinity Trash Bash" which is an event to help clean our rivers in TX., I must say it was a lot of work, but so much fun for me. We cleaned for 4 hours picking up garbage along the river never thought there would be so much trash, but wow there were at least 100 tires alone in the river 3 vehicles and tons of garbage as far as the eye could see, bottles, tents, clothes, shingles for a roof, endless amounts of trash and sad thing is it was going in to our water and killing the fish and turtles, frogs etc.

During the event I found under a bridge a area were homeless lived a flood had came through days before and washed all their clothes and tent and items in to water because we were there to clean we had to throw the items away I felt horrible, did not want the only things these people had in life to be taken with nothing in return so I went to my truck and grabbed bottles of water, bag of bread, and 4 T-shirts I had got for the event and left them there hoping it would be a small token of I'm sorry to remove your belongings.....

After we cleaned and finished we all met at the Trinity River down town Fort Worth and had huge meal and gathering just to enjoy each others company and say thanks for the help.

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