Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hiking healthy and fun ways to lose weight

This is a hiking trip I went on with my sister at "Eagle Mountain Lake Park" it was a 5 mile hike we only did 3miles it took us 2 hrs to complete but I will admit we stop a lot and just enjoyed the great weather and the beauty of the lake from the top of the hill or mountain side. I love to hike it is a fun easy way to maintain a good weight or even lose weight. This park no longer allows pets to go with you I use to take my dogs but now I cant but there are many different areas in DFW that you can hike and take pets to enjoy nature and its beauty. If you don't hike on the regular or if you have not hiked before I suggest you grab bottle of water and get your tennis shoes on and get out there enjoy and see nature at its finest.

Baked goods and Health choices

This is one of the best appetizers and Healthy side dishes I think Ive ever made and Mmm yummy as well. This is Organic Egg Plant and Organic Zucchini I sliced them and rolled them in egg then dipped them in seasoned bread crumbs season as you wish. Then laid on a cookie sheet and Baked them at 400 temp for 25 minutes they were very crispy and the kids loved them dipped in Lite Ranch or whatever dressing you choose.

This is the meal we had it is a Caesar Salad with Dices grilled Chicken and red Bell Peppers sauteed in EVOO these are very healthy and cheap does not cost a lot to make and time to prepare is small it is very filling and great for daily quick throw together meals.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

" Trinity Trash Bash"

In September 2010 I did the "Trinity Trash Bash" which is an event to help clean our rivers in TX., I must say it was a lot of work, but so much fun for me. We cleaned for 4 hours picking up garbage along the river never thought there would be so much trash, but wow there were at least 100 tires alone in the river 3 vehicles and tons of garbage as far as the eye could see, bottles, tents, clothes, shingles for a roof, endless amounts of trash and sad thing is it was going in to our water and killing the fish and turtles, frogs etc.

During the event I found under a bridge a area were homeless lived a flood had came through days before and washed all their clothes and tent and items in to water because we were there to clean we had to throw the items away I felt horrible, did not want the only things these people had in life to be taken with nothing in return so I went to my truck and grabbed bottles of water, bag of bread, and 4 T-shirts I had got for the event and left them there hoping it would be a small token of I'm sorry to remove your belongings.....

After we cleaned and finished we all met at the Trinity River down town Fort Worth and had huge meal and gathering just to enjoy each others company and say thanks for the help.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Siberian Husky "Prince George"

George is a Siberian Husky whom I bought 2 yrs ago for my son Sonny on his 6Th Birthday, with out my knowledge George had worms and not just a few thousands and 3 different kind.
The vet said he had never seen a case so bad, and had the animal live. Yet he did months of treatments and here he is 2 yrs later enjoying his 2ND snow days, this picture was his 1st snow ever and he loved it. Three days ago in Texas it came down and wow he ran out side like a kid at Christmas he jumped all around the yard eating the ice and playing for hours I had to beg him to come back in our house. George has a new best friend Duke who is a Weimaraner Duke is only a year old and it was his first snow and wow big difference he is scared of it doesn't want his feet to touch the ground and does not want to stay in the outdoors.
Picture to the right are my boys together very loving, fun, healthy, smart dogs yet a world apart. I love them very much and I am enjoying watching them grow and play in this once every few years event in Texas.

"Your Breath is Bad" WHY???

People don't realize that throwing your tooth brush away as often as every 2 weeks is very important. Specially every time you get sick. Your tooth brush carries germs on it that you cant see and no amount of hot water will rinse off. Every time you use your tooth brush after you have been sick you are just giving your self the illness back again. There are such a large amount of styles and brushes to choose from you need to choose the one that is best for you, and stock up at all times I have 12 extra tooth brushes in my home for possible guests and for new brushes for our family. Clean brushes help fight bad breath much better and flossing a lot of people don't realize that food cakes up on your tongue, under your gums and also on your brush so just like a filter in your air system to keep your lungs fresh from germs and garbage in the air you must also keep your tooth brush and breath fresh.

Selections: 1. Oral B

2. Cologate

3. Crest

4. G-U-M


Just to name a few there are many more.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Change starts with YOU!!!!

OK so I'm not perfect, but I want to be. I want to reach that perfect physique the one the "Gods and Goddesses" were per trade as! I love to work out and like everyone slid and gained weight. I have been as large as 189lbs and as small as 102lbs I have dealt with these body of ups and downs since I was a child. I currently weigh 155 *UGH* makes me sick saying it, but its true and I did it to myself with lack of motivation, and depression to lean on...but today no more I stand up for myself and my fitness friends and say I will achieve, I will concur, I will make do on what I say, and I say I will take this body and make it Gods perfect temple as should be ....I will post more pictures and updates as I feel brave enough to do so, change starts today and with you and you only no one can change you but YOU!