Thursday, February 3, 2011

Siberian Husky "Prince George"

George is a Siberian Husky whom I bought 2 yrs ago for my son Sonny on his 6Th Birthday, with out my knowledge George had worms and not just a few thousands and 3 different kind.
The vet said he had never seen a case so bad, and had the animal live. Yet he did months of treatments and here he is 2 yrs later enjoying his 2ND snow days, this picture was his 1st snow ever and he loved it. Three days ago in Texas it came down and wow he ran out side like a kid at Christmas he jumped all around the yard eating the ice and playing for hours I had to beg him to come back in our house. George has a new best friend Duke who is a Weimaraner Duke is only a year old and it was his first snow and wow big difference he is scared of it doesn't want his feet to touch the ground and does not want to stay in the outdoors.
Picture to the right are my boys together very loving, fun, healthy, smart dogs yet a world apart. I love them very much and I am enjoying watching them grow and play in this once every few years event in Texas.

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  1. Worlds apart how? I'm looking to get a Weimy & my daughter wants a Husky. So what can we expect?