Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hiking healthy and fun ways to lose weight

This is a hiking trip I went on with my sister at "Eagle Mountain Lake Park" it was a 5 mile hike we only did 3miles it took us 2 hrs to complete but I will admit we stop a lot and just enjoyed the great weather and the beauty of the lake from the top of the hill or mountain side. I love to hike it is a fun easy way to maintain a good weight or even lose weight. This park no longer allows pets to go with you I use to take my dogs but now I cant but there are many different areas in DFW that you can hike and take pets to enjoy nature and its beauty. If you don't hike on the regular or if you have not hiked before I suggest you grab bottle of water and get your tennis shoes on and get out there enjoy and see nature at its finest.


  1. Like you I love hiking and had a weekend in Spain not so long ago and did a 13klm hike but had a picnic on the way and it was an easy route in a place called Ainsa. Great way to keep fit and shed a few pounds into the bargain as you said. Looks like you had a fun day. Happy to have found you through twitter.

  2. SWEET! I am new here! Hope you will come follow my blogs also :) Have a great day! Shauna