Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Toss back Tuesday-My daughters " Poem" written 2/2/09

Abandoned Farm HouseShe was a gentle woman, says the size of her broken heart; a widow too says the beauty of a wedding gown never worn, in an upstairs ward robe and a well, God loving woman, says the bible with the saved spot on the night stand next to the bed; but not a woman for sewing, says the uneven blankets on the bed.
A man lived with her, says the fridge filled with stakes, still covered with seasoning, and they had a child, says the toy box made from wooden planks, money was scares says the hand me downs of shoes and dresses that hung in the ward robe, and summers hot says the broken box fans.
It was lonely hear, says the long country road, something went wrong says the empty farm house in the untamed yard. Unevenness in the blankets, says not a sewer, the still hung hand me downs in the ward robe says he left in a nerves haste, and the child? Its toys are strewn in the yard like feathers after a pillow fight- a rubber duck, a rusty truck with a broken wheel, a doll in rags. Something went wrong they say.

By: Destinie

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